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Blog posts tagged with Communications

How's Our Newsletter?

Did you know GrantSpace also sends a monthly newsletter? We'd like your candid feedback about it. How do you like its content and design? What else do you want to see in it? More importantly: Is it relevant to your work? 

5 Quotes to Transform Your Nonprofit Storytelling

As storytelling has jumped to the top of the nonprofit communications priority list, many of the clients we work with feel both invigorated and overwhelmed by the challenge of telling their organization’s stories. Just like good stories, good quotes are made of ideas so memorable and succinct that they are easily passed along. Here are five.

How to Make a Video for Your Nonprofit for Under $50

People are 17 times more likely to email a friend a link to a video than a link to an article. As a “megaphone for your message,” video are just as important as websites to connect with potential donors or participants. Benjamin Packard, founder of Retainer Media, a boutique video production company that works with nonprofits and social enterprises, provides tips for novices in this event recap. 

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